Our Company

Founded in 2016, our company is simply passionate about web development and cloud hosting.

It is our belief, that almost every company needs a web presence, but not every company is a web company.

Each and every day, the realm of Information Technology (IT) grows by leaps and bounds in both functionality and value to an organization. Unfortunately, this growth is shadowed by an ever increasing level of complexity and expense. What started as one person maintaining a simple web page has morphed into a plethora of IT professional designations, including web designer, app developer, social media manager, server administrator, database administrator, security officer, project manager, and the list goes on an on, not to mention all the managerial positions added to keep track of these people. One can easily see that this methodology cannot continue to sustain itself long term and is actually due for an overhaul.

This brings us to a simple question, is your company an IT company? The answer is almost always no. In most cases, you are not in the business of hiring all these IT personnel and maintaining servers all over the globe. That is where our company comes in to save the day! We talk the talk, and walk the walk, so you don't have to spend all your manpower on IT staff and resources. You simply contact us to do all the development and hosting that is needed for your organization. Then, you can concentrate all your efforts on doing what you do best, like making candles, or baking pizza, or even building skyscrapers. What a novel idea!


Choose a hosting plan that works for you.


Websites 1

Disk Quota 10 GB

Monthly Bandwidth 100 GB

Max FTP Accounts 5

Max Email Accounts 5

Max Email Lists 5

Max Databases 5

Max Sub Domains 5

Max Parked Domains 5


per month


Websites 10

Disk Quota 20 GB

Monthly Bandwidth 500 GB

Max FTP Accounts 20

Max Email Accounts 20

Max Email Lists 20

Max Databases 20

Max Sub Domains 20

Max Parked Domains 20


per month


Websites 20

Disk Quota 30 GB

Monthly Bandwidth 1000 GB

Max FTP Accounts 30

Max Email Accounts 30

Max Email Lists 30

Max Databases 30

Max Sub Domains 30

Max Parked Domains 30


per month


Websites Unlimited

Disk Quota 50 GB

Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited

Max FTP Accounts Unlimited

Max Email Accounts Unlimited

Max Email Lists Unlimited

Max Databases Unlimited

Max Sub Domains Unlimited

Max Parked Domains Unlimited


per month



❱ Diginosis, Inc.

❱ Bridgeport, TX 76426

❱ Web: www.diginosis.com

❱ Email: support@diginosis.com

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